Aaron Lopresti Veteran comic artist

Aaron Lopresti

Aaron Lopresti’s career in commercial and comic art has  continued on for more than 20 years.  In that time Aaron has worked on a wide variety of characters including: Spiderman The X-men, The Hulk, The Avengers, Batman, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Superboy, Xena, Star Trek, Gen 13, Mystic, and the self published Atomic Toybox (just to name a few).

Before he became a commercial and comic artist, Aaron spent a year in business school but soon left to pursue film at the prestigious USC film school in Los Angeles.  After spending a few years in the Los Angeles area attending school and reading scripts for Tri-Star pictures, he returned home to Portland, Oregon where he found work as a commercial artist in training at the now defunct Art Farm Studios.

Aaron’s first big break came in 1993 when he was hired to draw Sludge for Malibu Studio’s new Ultraverse comic line. One thing led to another and soon Aaron had a full blown career in comics.

Aaron lists his art influences in two categories, comic and illustration listing his comic influences as Frazetta, Berni Wrightson, Neal Adams, Michael Golden, Steranko, Brian Bolland, and anyone else who is good. Illustrators who have influenced Aaron over the years are Frazetta(again), James Bama, William Stout, JC Leyendecker, Brian Froud, Robert McGinnis and Chuck Jones.

Some of Aaron’s favorite contemporary artists would include Adam Hughes, Travis Charest, Mark Schultz, Mike Ploog, Peter DeSeve, Krueger, Walt Simonson, Alan Davis, Barry Smith, Chris Ayers, Claire Wendling, Dave Johnson, Rudy Nebres and Alex Nino.

Aaron spends most of his time these days drawing comics, painting, writing, enjoying his wife (Shelley) and two children (Josh and Samantha), and being jealous of his friends from film school who are now rich and famous.


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