NATE QUARRY Writer, Zombie Cage Fighter


Nate “Rock” Quarry got started in sports at the time most athletes are retiring. Upon seeing the Ultimate Fighting Championship on TV, Nate began training in mixed martial arts at the age of 24. From then until retirement he amassed a record of 18 wins with 4 losses. In those fights were two UFC Fight of the Night appearances, one UFC Knock Out of the Night and a middle weight title fight in the UFC.  In the midst of his fighting career he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and underwent a spinal fusion surgery known as an XLIF. Determined to return to fighting, just 15 months after his surgery he returned to the ring winning via KO a hard fought three round fight. Nate fought a total of six times after his spinal fusion.  After retiring from fighting at age 38 Nate works to share his story as a spokesman for The Better Way Back, striving to educate people suffering from back and leg pain and give them hope.

ZombieCageFighter is Nate’s “biographical horror.” Encouraged to write a biography of his life, he didn’t want to write the typical “Rocky” story. So he wrote of his life as a fighter and more importantly, as a father and added in zombies as the antagonist. A story not about fighting or even zombies, it’s the struggle of one man who has seen every dream fade away and yet is willing to face certain death if it means giving his
daughter the chance he never had.  The ZombieCageFighter single issue comic book was launched at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 live on Spike TV. G4 followed up with an interview of their own as well as several MMA websites. On Valentine’s Day of 2013 exposure for ZCF reached a new height by being featured on Kevin Smith’s, “Comic Book Men.”

Nate is currently working on a six issue ZombieCageFighter mini series bringing on Jamie Rich to collaborate on the writing as well as Mauro Mantanari for artwork. Like any good outbreak ZombieCageFighter is quickly spreading with worldwide sales of the single issue comic book as well as the shirts available from Randy Bowen has been bitten by the ZombieCageFighter as well, releasing his first statue in several years. Progress continues on the mini series and you can expect to see the entire story completed very soon.


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