Welcome to I Like Comic Con‘s first annual Cosplay Night of Champions!  This is your chance to strut your costume and skills in a fun filled evening of cosplay, music, prizes and more!

Registration will take place on Saturday, February 10th from 12pm to 5pm at the I Like Comic Con information booth located in the  convention hall.  Spots are limited!

Come take the stage to compete for great prizes and bragging rights in one of the following categories:

Tailor Made:  Stitched your costume until your hands bled?  Broke your back over the sewing machine?  Fretted over every button, sleeve, stitch, and piece of fabric?  Then this is the category for you!

Tech Techie:  Robotics?  LEDs?  Moving parts?  Lasers?  Hover board?  Jets?  If you have a lot of tech involved in your costume, then you’ve found your place!

Armor Plated:  Spend all night making chain mail?  Pound on metal for hours?  You’re in the right place!

Free for All:  Come one, come all for a chance to reign as the ultimate cosplay night champion!  This category is open to all single entrants even if you were in one of the other categories.  Single entries only.

Theme Team:  Got a team under a single theme?  Mash-up?  Bring your team of seven or less for a shot at team glory!

All entrants must be aged 12 or older.  Entry will be based on a first come, first serve basis and the number of available entries will be limited.  Your costume must be at least 75% constructed by hand and be original constructon.  Store bought or pre-fabricated sotumes are not allowed.  This is a true cosplay crafters contest.

Contestants should provide a short written description of the costume, the character being protrayed, and the number of hours spent making the costume.  This info will be read by our MC during your appearance on stage.  We do reserve the right to edit the description you provide to make sure we can fit it in during the alloted time.


We may award special prizes to participants and audience members at random.  Any and all awards are given at the discretion of the judge(s) and the decision of the judge(s) is final.

With the exception of the Free for All category, contestants are allowed one entry per contestant per category.  Entry is limited and based on a first come, first serve basis. Costumes must be constructed by the contestant(s) and at least 75% of the costume must be of original construction.  Store bought or prefabricated costumes are not allowed.

Due to time restraints, we are unable to accommodate skits, video, music, or any special effects during the contest.

No explosive devices, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or similar special effects are to be used.

All prop weapons must conform to ILCC’s prop weapon policy.

Contestants are not allowed to use profanity on stage including on signs, clothing, or other material.  Political or religious statements or messages are also not allowed.  Messages of hate or representation of any hate group are not allowed.

No costume is not a costume. No nudity.  Body paint only is not a costume. No pasties. Costumes deemed to be inappropriate will be disqualified.  Please keep in mind ILCC is a family friendly event and we reserve the right to 

Please do not throw objects from the stage or use any sort of projectiles.

All contest participants, members of the audience, convention staff and volunteers should be treated with courtesy and respect.  ILCC reserves the right to deny participation in the event should your treatment of others be deemed inappropriate.  ILCC has a strict no harassment policy and there is zero tolerance for anyone engaging in any harassment.

Only enter and exit the stage area at the designated points or as requested by ILCC staff.

If you have a large or elaborate costume that might require assistance, be sure to bring some help.  ILCC does not provide assistance for any costume.

ILCC cannot in any way be held responsible for your costume and we are unable to provide storage for or assistance with costumes.  We also cannot provide electrical connections.  If your costume incorporates any electronics, your costume design must incorporate a power source.  Participants are responsible for any damage to facilities and/or equipment.

You must be able to safely get on and off stage without impedement.  If you are unable to get on and off the stage safely due to your costume, you will not be allowed on stage.

All awards given are at the discretion of the judges and their decision is final.  Any interpretation of the rules or decisions about the rules and/or contest are soley at the discretion of ILCC and all decisions are final.

ILCC is not responsible for any technical or or other error(s) that might occur while processing entries or administrating the contest.  ILCC is not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property which might occur or be caused (directly or indirectly) from your participation in the contest or from any use or misuse of any prize.  All participants agree to release and hold harmless ILCC, its agents and officers, staff and volunteers, directors, owners, and agents from and against any claim or cause of action including, but not limited to, damage to or loss or property, personal injury or death arising from participation in or receipt/use/misuse of any prize.


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