Terms and conditions

The company, its employees and agents, as described filled out by applicant on the I Like Comic Con application, is herein referred to as Exhibitor. I Like Comic Con, LLC, the event management, is herein referred to as ILCC. The I Like Comic Con event is herein referred to as the Event. If you are approved to exhibit at ILL, this application shall act as a License to do so as long as the terms and conditions outlined herein and elsewhere are met by Exhibitor.  All rules, regulations, and conditions printed on this License or any attachments hereto and elsewhere, may be amended from time to time, are made a part of and fully incorporated herein, and Exhibitor agrees to be bound by such.

Ensure you fully understand your rights and financial obligations by carefully reading the ILCC Cancellation Policy. The cancellation policy shall be strictly enforced.

In the event Exhibitor seeks to withdraw from the Exhibition, written notice must be given to ILCC via certified mail, return receipt requested.  Notice must include the date of cancellation, withdrawal or any downsize in Exhibitor space and the post mark shall serve as the date of notice. Cancellation before October 01, 2017 entitles you to a refund of 50% of your total payment. Any cancellation after October 01, 2017 shall result in forfeit of your entire payment and no refund shall be due.  Exhibitor also agrees to not attempt to circumvent the cancellation policy by filing any complaint or charge back complaint with PayPal, credit card company, or banking institutions.  Exhibitor agrees to pay ILCC a base fee of $250.00 plus the total amount paid for exhibit space and $50 per hour with a two hour minimum in any instance which ILCC must respond to any such complaint.


2.EXHIBITS and MATERIALS: LCC reserves the  right to determine the eligibility of any Exhibitor and/or product for display.  Only the sign of Exhibitor may be placed on the  booth or in the  printed list of exhibitors of the Event.  No advertising will be allowed beyond the space allotted to Exhibitor, or above the  back and side rails of exhibit space unless authorized in writing by ILCC.  Unless you are a paid advertiser, sponsor, or partner with ILCC, no advertising shall be allowed on Event floor or on Event grounds including the lobby, parking lots, sidewalks, or other similar spaces controlled by ILCC.

ADULT MATERIAL: xhibitor agrees not to sell or distribute any adult material to minors. All adults only material must be behind the  table or, if displayed on a table or display rack, bagged and covered so minors may not open or view it. Any adult material depicting nudity must be covered up. Adult videos and magazines shall not be displayed openly. Exhibitors are allowed to post a tasteful sign letting customers know you carry merchandise of this type.

BOOTLEG/COUNTERFEIT MATERIAL: EUCON does not allow counterfeit or bootleg materials of any kind. Possession or sale of these materials is at your own risk and is a crime in Oregon as outlined under ORS 647.135, Trademark Counterfeiting.

EXHIBIT BOOTH/TABLE: Exhibitor agrees that  its exhibit shall remain from day to day solely by strict compliance with these rules.  ILCC reserves the  right to reject, eject, or prohibit any exhibit in whole  or in part, or Exhibitor or any of Exhibitor’s representatives upon  ILCC’s determination that  the  same is not in accordance with these rules  and regulations, or any reason as ILCC sees fit.     Exhibitor agrees to maintain a professional appearing, clean, and orderly booth and to not block any isles or fire regulated areas. 

BOOTH/TABLE, PERSONNEL and ATTIRE: ILCC reserves the  right to determine whether the  character and/or  attire  of booth personnel are acceptable for attendees.  Shoes and shirts are required at all times, wearing pants/shorts goes without saying.  All exhibitor badges are strictly for use by Exhibitors and their staff only.

CONDUCT: All exhibitors are subject to all ILCC and Event rules including our strict no tolerance policy for harassment.  ILCC will not tolerate any behavior deemed inappropriate toward other exhibitors, attendees, ILCC staff or volunteers, or special guests.

3. LIMITATION of LIABILITY: Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ILCC and the  sponsor(s), owner(s), exhibition hall facility, and city and county in which Event is being  held, and each of their respective officers, agents and employees, against all claims, losses, suits, damages, judgments, expenses, costs 

(including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees) and charges of every kind arising out of or resulting from any execution of this License and/or occupancy of the  space contracted for by reason of personal injuries, death, property damages or any other cause sustained by any persons or others.  ILCC shall not be responsible for loss or damage to displays or goods belonging to Exhibitor under any circumstances.  All items brought to the Event are displayed at Exhibitor’s own risk and should be safeguarded at all times. ILCC will have staff and volunteers on-site during the period  of installation, show and dismantling, and Exhibitor agrees that  the provision  of such  services constitutes adequate discharge of all obligations of ILCC to supervise and protect Exhibitor’s property within the Event or on Event grounds. Exhibitors  may furnish additional guards at their own cost and expense and only with prior approval  by ILCC. Exhibitor is advised to see that its regular company insurance includes extraterritorial coverage, and that it has  its own theft, public liability, and property damage insurance.  ILCC my require some Exhibitors to carry additional insurance.

Exhibitor agrees that ILCC shall not be liable in the  event of any omission(s) or error(s) in Exhibitor’s directory listing(s)  or in any promotional material. ILCC makes no representations or warranties with respect to the  number of attendees or the demographic nature of any such attendees.  All scheduled guests including celebrities, artists, writers, and others are subject to cancellation and/or change without notice and ILCC makes no warranties or representations with respect to any guest appearances.

4.DEFAULT: f Exhibitor’s booth is not occupied by the time set for completion of installation of displays, the space may be possessed by ILCC for any purpose it may deem fit. If Exhibitor breaches any of its obligations or covenants under  this License, including without limitation, any Event rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to this License, ILCC may, without notice, terminate this License. In the event of such default, ILCC may thereupon direct  Exhibitor to immediately remove its employees or agents, and all of its articles of merchandise and other personal property from the Event. Your payment will also be forfeited. 

5.EXHIBIT BOOTH USAGE: Exhibitor shall not sub-license, assign or otherwise permit any person or entity to occupy Exhibitor’s booth, or any part thereof, or use the  booth  for the  exhibition of anything not specified in this License. Exhibitor may not permit  non-exhibiting companies’ representatives to conduct business or on the exhibit floor, or in its booth without the  express written permission of ILCC. In the case of multiple  parties sharing  one  exhibit space, the name of the person that appears on this contract assumes full responsibility for that space.  Exhibitor is not allowed to have any special guest(s) or celebrity guest(s) signings at their exhibit without the express and written permission of ILCC.  ILCC rulings in its sole discretion shall in all instances be final with regard to use  of any exhibit space. 

6.DAMAGE to PROPERTY, CLEANING: Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building floors, walls or columns, or other property or to standard booth equipment, or to other  exhibitors‘ property. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, nails, screws, pins, adhesives, or other coating  to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment. Exhibitor will be held accountable for any costs associated with excessive clean-up of their booth at a rate as set forth by the exhibition facility management.  No airbrushing, paint spraying or use of other materials requiring ventilation are allowed, no use of any noxious materials allowed.

7.SPECIAL SERVICES: Enternet as well as other special services needed by individual exhibitors, are provided only when the  exhibitor orders and agrees to pay for them directly to the  persons authorized to supply  such  services in conformity with all rules and regulations, insurance and other requirements. 

8.BOOTH REPRESENTATIVES: Booth representatives shall at all times wear identification furnished by ILCC. ILCC may at any time limit the  number of booth  representatives. All booths must be staffed during all hours the Event is open, as well as during setup and take-down. 

9.ELECTRICAL SAFETY: All wiring on any displays or display fixtures must conform to applicable standards established by various governmental agencies and standard fire inspection ordinances. All display wiring must exhibit the seal  and/or  such other  seals of official approving agencies as may be required at the  site  of the Event. 

10.SAFETY, LIGHTING, FIRE LAWS: All applicable fire and safety laws and regulations shall be strictly observed by Exhibitor. All cloth decorations must be flameproof. Wiring must comply with local Fire Department and Underwriters’ Rules.  Smoking  in exhibits is forbidden, including e-cigarettes. Crowding will be restricted and aisles and fire exits must not be blocked by exhibits. No decorations of paper, pine boughs, leafy decorations or tree branches are allowed. Acetate and most rayon drapes are not flameproof and may be prohibited. Do not encroach on any aisles boarding your booth. Fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, fire exits or fire alarms, or any fire fighting or fire prevention equipment cannot be blocked or covered. All decorations must be flame retardant or FR rated. They are subject to a random flame  test by the  Fire Marshal. Acceptable materials will not hold a flame. Materials can be manufacturer certified or may be treated with a flame retardant. Wood  less than one-quarter inch thick must be treated. In most cases, floor coverings are the exception; table coverings are excepted if they do not overhang the table by more than 6-inches.

Booth storage is allowed so long as all boxes, cardboard, packing materials, debris and waste are removed prior to the opening of the show.  Your booth must be kept clean during the show. Your booth is subject to inspection by ILCC staff.  All items stored at your booth must be kept tight and orderly.

All extension cords must be a minimum of 14 gauge, 3 wire and grounded. Ties or cable  clamps must be used when running any cord. Lightweight extension cords are strictly not allowed. Power strips are approved for additional  outlet  plugs  (cube tabs  are not allowed and power strips cannot be linked together). All cords, strips,  and plugs must have UL labeling and all lighting must be UL labeled and must be used consistent with design.  All exhibit space is subject to random inspection and relocation by the Fire Marshal.

11.SOUND REGULATION, VIDEO, MUSIC: Exhibitor acknowledges that  any live or recorded performances of music or video(s) by or on behalf  of Exhibitor at the  Event must be licensed from the copyright owner or its agent. Exhibitor warrants to ILCC that  it will take full responsibility for obtaining any necessary licenses to play or perform such  music or video and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ILCC from any damages or expenses incurred by ILCC due  to Exhibitor’s use or authorization of use of such music. Mechanical or electrical devices which produce sound must be operated so as not to disturb other exhibitors. ILCC reserves the right to determine the  placement and acceptable sound level of all such devices, and may determine at what  point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued. 

12.RESOLUTION of DISPUTES: In the event of a dispute or disagreement between Exhibitor and an official contractor, or between two  or more  exhibitors, all interpretations of the  rules governing the  Event, actions, or decisions concerning any dispute or disagreement by ILCC intended to resolve the dispute or disagreement shall be binding on Exhibitor and shall be final.  Any matters not specifically covered by this license shall be subject solely to the  decision of ILCC and ILCC shall have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all said rules and regulations. 

13.CARE and REMOVAL of EXHIBITS: CC will maintain the cleanliness of all aisles. At it’s own expense, Exhibitor must keep exhibits clean  and in good  order.  All exhibits must remain fully intact until Event has officially concludes. Tearing down or disturbing an exhibit prior to any official closing  hour(s) of Event can result in a refusal by ILCC to accept exhibit space applications for subsequent Events. Exhibits must be removed from the  building by the  time  specified. In the event Exhibitor fails to remove its exhibit in the allotted time, ILCC reserves the  right, at Exhibitor’s expense, to ship the exhibit through a carrier of ILCC’s choosing or to place the exhibit in a storage warehouse subject to Exhibitor’s disposition or to make such other  disposition of the exhibit as it may deem desirable without  any liability to ILCC.

14.WEAPONS and EXPLOSIVES: Functional firearms, projectile weapons, explosives, fireworks, firecrackers, chemical weapons, sharpened metal blade weapons, blunt weapons, realistic replica firearms, or other items that could purposefully or accidentally cause injury shall not be allowed at Event.  EUCON reserves the right to determine what a weapon or explosive is.  Exhibitors selling any bladed weapons shall carry liability insurance and provide proof of such insurance to EUCON upon request.

15.LAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS: Exhibitor agrees to abide by all laws, rules, and regulations as set forth by ILCC, governmental agencies, and the exhibition facility.  Exhibitor also agrees that ILCC is not responsible for the collection of Washington State sales tax or other taxes. Please check with the Washington State Department of Revenue to see if you have any tax liability while doing business in Washington state: http://www.dor.wa.gov/Content/Home/Default.aspx 

16.LICENSE ACCEPTANCE: Deposit of your check/payment does not constitute acceptance of this License. This License shall not be binding until accepted and approved by ILCC.  You must receive confirmation from ILCC that your application has been accepted. ILCC, at its discretion, shall determine your eligibility to exhibit at the Event and your placement.

17.INTEGRATION of LICENSE: This License may not be orally modified. Only an agreement in writing signed by a duly authorized representative of the party against whom enforcement of any waiver or modification is sought will be enforceable.

18.AMENDMENT to RULES: Any matters not specifically covered by this license shall be subject solely to the decision of EUCON and EUCON shall have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all said rules and regulations.


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